What To Do

If you’ve been struggling to find a job for quite some time now and have suddenly garnered the interest of a worthwhile employer, you may need to pass a drug test on short notice. It’s not uncommon for people to smoke weed recreationally when they’re frustrated with a slow or sluggish job hunt. You might need to pass a drug test on short notice as well, if you happen to work in an industry that involves transporting passengers, operating a large commercial vehicle or using high-powered equipment. In certain fields, random drug testing is mandatory for keeping the work environment safe. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure clean and problem-free test results.

Know What Your Challenges Are

If you have to pass a drug test on first notice, you may think that the first obstacle you need to overcome is time. In reality, however, the biggest challenge is determining which detoxification methods are most appropriate for your needs. Certain drugs are stored in the system in different ways. As such, these substances also leave the system in different ways as well. For instance, prescription pills usually exit the body via the urine and are not fat soluble. Marijuana, however, is fat soluble and this means that it can be retained for a very long time in your fat stores. If you’re taking a substance that can be flushed out with cranberry juice or a product like Toxin Rid, you may be able to submit a clean urine test within just a matter of days. For marijuana, this same effort could take one or more weeks.

Determine The Testing Method

It makes no point to drink lots of fluids, eat clean and use detoxification products for submitting a clean urine sample if you’ll be asked to submit to a hair sample test or a cheek swab. See if you can’t find out how your employer will be performing this test and learn more about the conditions of the lab. When submitting synthetic urine is necessary, you’ll want to make sure that you’ll have sufficient privacy during your actual test to make the necessary switch. If you want, you can shop around online for a special prosthesis that will both keep the synthetic urine warm and allow you to dispense it in a very natural-looking fashion.

Find The Best Support Products

Take some time to read up on the different products that can help you in these efforts. You’ll find everything from a review of Toxin Rid to feedback on special shampoos for removing THC residues from your hair strands. Irrespective of the testing method being used, the type of drug use you engage in, and the specific time limitations that you’re facing, there should be a number of trusted and proven products that can help you out. Keep in mind, however, that when detoxification is the necessary route, you will definitely have to a do a lot of work on your end to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Make Essential Lifestyle Changes

As soon as you know that you’re required to submit to a drug test, stop using your drug of choice right away. This is essential for maximizing the amount of time that you have to remove toxins from your system. You also want to start flushing your body with plenty of water, especially if you’re going to be taking a urine test. Cranberry juice is another great beverage for flushing the body out ahead of a mandatory drug test. Marijuana smokers can take a safe dose of zinc each day. This has the power to mask THC in urine, but only if it is used at a proper dose and at the proper time.

When dealing with a fat soluble drug like weed, you should additionally start working out. The more fat that you are able to burn in the days that precede your test, the less likely you’ll be to metabolize cells that contain drug residues. You should also eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fiber in the form of whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Finally, be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any product you’ll be using. When you read a review of Toxin rid or of any other product, be on the lookout for any helpful tips that consumers have supplied. People may be taking extra steps to make these products more effective such as improving their sleep hygiene, sitting in steam rooms, or moderating their intake of refined white sugar among other things.