Out Of Your System

Marijuana has been legalized in more than 20 states. Although smoking pot is still against the law at the federal level, recent legal changes have made it infinitely easier for consumers to both secure weed and enjoy it. Unfortunately, however, this has not had any impact on how employers perceive this drug. Many companies are still regularly testing their employees and their prospective employees to ensure that recreational marijuana use is not a problem. Moreover, it is often mandatory for businesses to perform random drug testing when workers are responsible for operating heavy equipment or for transporting people or goods. If any of this sounds familiar, you may want to take advantage of the following tips for removing marijuana from your system ahead of your next drug test.

Understand How Your Body Processes Marijuana

Some drugs enter the blood stream and are slowly metabolized and passed through the urine. Marijuana, however, is a fat soluble drug. Due to this fact, it is first stashed in a person’s fat stores before it is processed and routed out. This is why it usually takes longer to clear your system of weed than it will any other drug. The best way to clean weed out of your urine is by cleaning out your excess fat stores. Working out, eating healthy and sitting in steam rooms are some of the strategies that people have used successfully in the past. These methods will expedite the metabolization of marijuana and the THC it leaves behind so that detoxing takes just one to two weeks, rather than one full month or longer.

Choose A Mitigation Strategy That Reflects Your Circumstances

Make sure that you know how your employer will be testing you for drugs. While you might purchase the Best Synthetic Urine – aloe rid shampoo could be the product you really need. Synthetic urine is only appropriate in instances in which urine sampling is required and when there is not sufficient time to create a clean sample on your own. You have to be mindful of the fact that the testing company may not give you sufficient privacy for dispensing synthetic urine. Aloe Rid shampoo is vital if one of your hair strands will be tested for weed residue.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

If you’ve invested in the best synthetic urine, be sure that you have the best method of disbursing it as well. For instance, a number of companies sell realistic-looking prostheses. You can put these under your close to make it look like you’re urinating naturally when collecting your sample. You also want to have a feasible means of keeping the synthetic urine warm. All labs will check to verify that your sample is submitted at room temperature. This is done to ensure that people are not bringing in urine that they have collected from friends or family members in an effort to cheat the test.

Implement The Right Life Habits

As soon as you know that you have to take a drug test, start using drugs of any type right away. This will give you the greatest amount of time to get your system clean. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of healthy foods, and engage in regular exercise. You can also take a special, detoxification product for breaking toxins down at a rapid rate and effectively expediting these out of the body. This is also a good time to limit your caffeine consumption, limit your smoking, and avoid alcohol. Leading a healthy lifestyle ahead of your test will ensure that you look vibrant and healthy upon your arrival.

Avoid Over-Purifying Your Urine

One of the most important things to note about cleaning your urine ahead of a drug test is that most testing labs are well aware of the different tricks that people use to pass these reviews. For instance, if you drink too much water just before your test, you may be called back in to test again. This obviously won’t be a problem if you’ve opted to use synthetic urine, rather than issuing a sample of your own. While taking zinc on the day of your test is an effective strategy for masking any remnants of THC in your system, some labs will flag testing samples that have an exorbitant amount of zinc within them. Bearing all this in mind, be sure to learn strategies for avoiding a false negative well ahead of your testing date. These include limiting water and cranberry juice consumption several hours ahead of testing and limiting the amount of zinc you take just before your urine sample is produced.